Learn What Debts Are Discharged Through Bankruptcy:

Not all debts will be discharged through bankruptcy.

A bankruptcy case only discharges debts that you owed and scheduled at the time you filed the case, not those you incurred after filing the case.

Other debts that are not discharged include:

  • debts for certain taxes
  • certain unscheduled debts (creditors with debts not listed in your paperwork)
  • alimony
  • maintenance or support debts
  • pre-petition fines or restitution
  • debts for injury or death caused by use of drugs or alcohol
  • most student loans
  • certain condo or co-op fees.

Debts that you have incurred through fraud or by willful or malicious action may also be deemed non-dischargeable by the court.

If the creditor does not ask the court to rule on these debts, however, they will be discharged.

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