No Insurance an Increasing Problem for Heart Patients

Posted on : May 9, 2018

Many people who think about filing for bankruptcy do so because they find themselves in a financial bind due to medical problems. The sudden emergence or diagnosis of a medical issue can present unique challenges for you and your loved ones and getting the necessary treatment is always top of mind. But what happens after the fact when you begin to receive bills from the medical provider and you are not able to keep up with them? The financial implications of any major health care expenses for common cardiovascular problems are being addressed in two new studies presented at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association.

The studies identified that one in eight stroke patients and one out of every nine coronary artery bypass grafting patients did not have insurance. This means that they faced an 80% chance of being hit with a catastrophic health expense, any hospital bill that exceeded 40% of their annual household income. Data was gathered from the national in-patient sample to arrive at these findings.

The average hospital bill for heart attacks was over $53,000 and it was more than $31,000 for strokes. Heart bypass surgeries cost upwards of $85,000. The sudden diagnosis or determination of a serious health problem or other medical issue could put you and your family in a position to consider bankruptcy. Scheduling a consultation directly with an experienced TX bankruptcy attorney is strongly recommended to give you an overview of the key factors affecting you and your family’s future.

Any major medical condition can cause problems for someone who didn’t anticipate these high costs. In the worst case scenarios, a person may need to file for bankruptcy protection immediately in order to get the support they need. No one should be harassed for their debts, but this is all too often the case. If you believe that a debt collector is crossing the line and you’re ready to file for bankruptcy to protect yourself, talk to a lawyer now.

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