Are You Being Harassed by Creditors?

Posted on : May 7, 2017
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Becoming overwhelmed with bills is disheartening. Sometimes, you struggle when choosing to pay for groceries or an old medical bill. However, when you add creditor harassment into the mix, it can begin to feel like you’re drowning. Contrary to what many people believe, creditors cannot say or do whatever they want to get you to pay a debt. There are certain guidelines they need to follow. Failure to do so is considered creditor harassment. Are you being harassed by creditors?

Signs Creditors May Be Harassing You

Here are common signs that creditors are using predatory practices to attempt to collect a debt from you include. They include, but are not limited to, creditors who:

  • Call very late at night or very early in the morning
  • Do not identify themselves as a debt collection agency on the phone, or refuse to identify themselves until after they obtain your identifying information
  • Use abusive or foul language when speaking to you
  • Make verbal threats against you. Especially threats to seize your tax return, garnish your wages, or have you arrested. Only very few creditors, such as the IRS or a student loan servicer, are able to seize a tax return or garnish wages
  • Call your place of employment repeatedly, even if you’ve requested that they do not. Or inform your employer that they are a debt collector trying to reach you
  • Call your family members repeatedly in a similar fashion to the above
  • Phone you multiple times a day, sometimes just hours apart
  • Fail to tell you about the debt they are trying to collect or cannot provide you the identifying information of the original creditor or lender
  • Do not send you proper documentation regarding the debt they are attempting to collect
  • Make you feel threatened

When to Contact an Attorney

Help is available if you have multiple debts and are harassed by creditors. Creditors will often cease their harassment by simply sending a letter that informs them that they are in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. However, a bankruptcy puts an automatic stay into play, which forces all creditors to cease collection activity against you while the bankruptcy is pending.

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