Which Bankruptcy is Best If You’re Threatened With Foreclosure?

Posted on : November 29, 2015
Texas Bankruptcy Attorney
Being threatened with the foreclosure of your home is frightening; however, filing for bankruptcy may help you either keep your home for a little longer or prevent the foreclosure from happening at all. But is one type of bankruptcy better than the other when it comes to trying to keep your home? Here’s what you [Read More]
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Avoid These 3 Common Post-Bankruptcy Mistakes

Posted on : November 4, 2015
Filing for bankruptcy is a big deal, and it’s important to take your new financial future seriously. Once your bankruptcy is complete, it’s important to ensure your financial slate stays clean and you build your credit back up. Here are 3 common post-bankruptcy mistakes to avoid. 1. Not Creating a Rainy-Day Savings For many people, [Read More]
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